With most of our everyday activities moving to the digital realm in recent months, our lives seemingly revolve around our cell phones, laptops, and, for some, makeshift workstations where there weren’t before. Adjusting to this new normal can mean adopting an entirely new routine, so we’re bringing you our top tips for making the most out of your work-from-home workspace.

Create the ideal setting by styling your space in a way that reflects you and the things that make you happy. Think photos with friends and family, trinkets that bring you joy, and peaceful aromas.

Ergonomics matter. Set up your workspace in such a way that allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed, avoiding any unnecessary stress or strain.

With mess, comes stress. Keep a clutter-free space for optimal productivity, efficiency and clear-headed creativity.

Proper hydration and your favorite healthy snacks can help fuel your focus throughout the day, so keep your water filled and have some go-to goodies on hand.

Break up your productivity sessions into smaller chunks by setting a timer and focusing for that allotted time (45 minutes of hands-on work, 15 minutes to give your brain a break while you step away and stretch, hydrate, or even phone a friend).

Music can make the difference! Finding a station or playlist that suits your work style is key. When you look forward to your workday jams every day, the workload can feel that much more manageable.

And since you’re more than likely spending plenty of extra time in your workspace, remember to clean and disinfect regularly!